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So, when we say that we're about helping the unknown... what do we mean? Well, in order to qualify as 'unknown', deviants should meet the following requirements:

    1) They've received fewer than 10,000 page views a year

    2) They've received an average of approximately fewer than 15 favourites per deviation (the number of groups a deviation is submitted to is, however, taken into account)

    3) They've got deviations worth featuring! So no stick-drawings or photographs of your feet. Unless they're very good stick-drawings, or you have very nice feet

We will feature any artist who meets these criteria. They don't have to be a member of helping-the-unknown in order to be featured by us.

Please note that we don't accept self-suggestions. 'Tis better to give than to receive, etc. So please note the group with your suggestions!

Please also be aware that we will not always feature your suggestions. Please don't be disheartened though, and do keep on suggesting!

If you have made a successful suggestion to us, you are welcome to submit to our Suggesters' Artwork folder. Please see this journal entry for more details.


PARTY HARD  Welcome to this month’s helping-the-unknown feature! PARTY HARD 




The Scarf by amoebae Melancholia by amoebae

amoebae's portraits are skillfully painted, and the muted tones give her work a classic sort of feel.

amoebae's Gallery





thirst by raido-ehwaz time for reflection by raido-ehwaz 

raido-ehwaz's photography is clean, crisp, and absolutely stunning.

raido-ehwaz's Gallery




(Artisan Crafts)

Dark forest by dragonkins Resting dragon in forest by dragonkins

dragonkins' pendants are beautifully painted and have a really interesting, dark storybook-style feel and an air of mystery.

dragonkins' Gallery





obsidian                       she was almost ten. i think it was her birthday when it happened.
                       or maybe she was already ten.
                       she was young either way. i was too. innocent. fragile.
                       he took her from me, an afternoon
                       in the summer.               or was it winter?
                       mother cried.
                                            i think i did too.
  august                 on days when we exchange pleasantries and pretend we haven't changed
                 i wonder if you remember our evening sat on mildew underneath stars  
                 when i cried because people were selfish enough to commit suicide and
                 society was selfish enough to take away someones will and you just
                 held me so close i thought i might become a part of you.
                               and i thought maybe that wouldn't be so bad.
                 (i wonder if it even matters to you at all)

alternativemeanings' work is emotionally powerful. 






Original Design - Criss-crossing fishtail bun by silvousplaits Eowyn's Funeral Braid by silvousplaits

silvousplaits' intricate hair styles are elegant and very pretty indeed! 



We hope you have enjoyed looking through this feature. To suggest a deviant for a feature, you can send us a note (title it ‘Feature Suggestion’).

If you would like to keep up to date with our features, please be sure to join or :+devwatch: helping-the-unknown!

Thank you for looking! :dalove:


:w00t: revamp of sorts  Welcome to this month’s helping-the-unknown feature! :w00t: revamp of sorts 



(Artisan Crafts)

3 x 3 inches Octopus necklace by AstridMakosla Cymera 20130724 165110 by AstridMakosla

AstridMakosla's polymer-clay creations have so many intricate details, and are beautifully decorated.

AstridMakosla's Gallery





Ember Guardian by EliBrockman Diminish by EliBrockman

EliBrockman's scratchboard pieces are neatly done. The red panda one in particular has very nice colour and form.

EliBrockman's Gallery





We Made the Morning NewsI saw them on the subway yesterday;
bombs—in pairs, alone, jumbled in the mix of winter coats,
their red and blue veins creeping slyly up their throats
and tangling around their fingers.
They were reading books and talking to friends
and laughing. I smiled at one, she stared back.
That was when I felt the ticking against my ribs,
a vibration curling tight between my lungs.
The cadence quickened when we pulled out of Union Square,
it shook my fingertips and rattled my femur.
Tore against my skin, crawled down my spine
and slithered further and further out.
The poor conductor could never have known.
coffee stainsAt 4 in the morning, I feel weightless
like waking up to mother shaking coffee grounds and cool breeze
drifting through open windows.
At 4 in the morning, I feel far gone
leaning towards existence in nonbeing
If I could, I'd let it go
like letting confession slip through lips
as if it weren't the deadliest poison
But why not let it do it's job
and slowly burn my stomach gray?

adeline-renee's work is quietly profound.

adeline-renee's Gallery





leopard girl with snake by aleksangel Girl auto mechanic by aleksangel

aleksangel's glamorous and cute digital work is wonderfully colourful. 

aleksangel's Gallery





Garden Dweller by KattPhotography Abstract Forest by KattPhotography

KattPhotography's beautiful photographs are wonderfully captured. The colours have a very nice soft sort of quality, and the photographs are nicely composed.

KattPhotography's Gallery


We hope you have enjoyed looking through this feature. To suggest a deviant for a feature, you can send us a note (title it ‘Feature Suggestion’).

If you would like to keep up to date with our features, please be sure to join or :+devwatch: helping-the-unknown!

Thank you for looking! :dalove:


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We have featured under-appreciated and talented deviants to help get them maximum exposure since 3 May 2009.

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It really is as simple as that! :dalove:


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PizzaPotatoNBacon May 27, 2013  Student General Artist
Hello there! :wave:

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I want to thank you for featuring me in your journal, this honor me greatly, thank you!
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